Call for Papers: Euro-American Migration
and the Development of Postwar Philosophy
Tilburg, August 22-23, 2022

The opening conference of the Exiled Empiricists project is devoted to the impact of the migration on the course of postwar philosophy and brings together historians specialized in American philosophy, logical empiricism, phenomenology, and critical theory. The aim of the conference is to study the influence of the migration on the development of these different traditions and to bridge to scholastic boundaries that have shaped the historiography of twentieth-century philosophy. 

Invited Speakers
Fons Dewulf
David Dyzenhaus
Carlo Ierna
Hanne Jacobs
Joel Katzav
Cheryl Misak 
Matthias Neuber
Alan Richardson
Eric Schliesser
Jonathan Strassfeld
Adam Tamas Tuboly
Thomas Wheatland

Submission guidelines
Please submit an extended abstract (max. 1000 words) and a short abstract (max. 100 words) suitable for blind review. We will select up to 4 submissions for presentation at the conference. The deadline for submissions is January 14. Please send your abstract to A.A.Verhaegh[at]

Depending on the state of the pandemic, the event will take place in Tilburg, The Netherlands. In order to make the conference accessible to scholars who are not able to travel to Tilburg, a few slots will be reserved for online presentations. When you would like your abstract to be considered for an online slot, please indicate this in your email.

Dates and Deadlines
January 14: Submission deadline 
February 14: Notifications 
August 22-23: Workshop 

More information
More information about the conference can be found on the conference website